Why We Must Encourage Young Children to Read Printed Books

I strongly believe that adults need to encourage and inspire young readers to discover, develop and maintain the interest for reading printed books for life. Reading an e-book on a computer screen is not the same wonderful joyous experience as holding a printed book in your hands.

Today’s constant evolving technology captures our busy every day lives in many aspects. The Internet is a big part of our lives for work, research and for fun. The children’s education process is now advanced trough the integration of high end technology from early on in the classrooms. Children literally now grow upon computers.

When I was inspired as a young child to fall in love reading printed books I also discovered a world of magic filled with many wonderful stories and characters and the joy of holding a book in my hands. Until today I love the feel and touch of the pages of a book and the feeling of being captivated and fully engaged into another exciting world of adventures.

I especially appreciate what I call the old world of books-almost antiquarian books, like an early edition. When I lived in Europe, I loved strolling through old bookstores to pick up some special treasures. Sadly, these type of old fashioned book stores seem to only survive in Europe.

If a young child never discovers the treasure of reading printed books it will never know and learn the appreciation for printed words on paper and the unique smell and touch of a book. The computer screen should never replace the printed book especially when it comes to children’s books for young readers. One simply can’t fully appreciate the a book on a computer!

I always loved cuddling up with a good book since I was little. No computer screen can ever replace that warm and comforting feeling for me. Books travel with you your whole life. Books don’t need power to be read and are always encouraging and comforting when you need them around you. It’s like a very good friend who never abandons your friendship.

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