Why You Should Also Publish a Print Book

A lot of self-published authors think that if they have an ebook they are set and there is no reason to also publish their book as a print edition. Well there are still a few reasons to offer your book as a print edition even if you published it as an ebook.

Book signings quickly come to mind, what will you sign when you set up that book signing at your friendly neighborhood bookstore? I know that you can digitally sign a Kindle book but where’s the fun in that. There is something special about setting up a table at a bookstore and having all of your adoring fans come out just to get their signed copy of the book that will someday be a collector’s item from their favorite author.

Libraries are more apt to accept your book if its in a print edition and getting your book into your neighborhood library has a lot of advantages including networking opportunities like speaking invitations, book signings and if anyone asks you if your book is at the library you can tell them it is.

An advantage that a lot of people wouldn’t think of is that, with a book in print you may be able to sell more ebooks. If you offer your print book for $9.99 and your ebook is selling for $2.99 then people will automatically see that buying the ebook is a bargain in comparison to buying it in print. This marketing campaign is made even better by the fact that on Amazon when a person goes to purchase your book they will have this savings spelled out for them with a “you can save $7.00” message so its no doubt the customer will be thinking “wow I can save $7.00 by just buying this book, that has to be a deal”. This is of course a psychological difference but hey if it works and sells books, what difference does it make what its called.

There is still a part of the population that doesn’t own an ereader, even if that is hard to believe, its true. So you are covering your bases and offering your book to a wider section of people which is always good for sales. The fact that Print on Demand means that you will only print and pay for the copies that sell makes it more cost effective to offer a print edition of your book in addition to your ebook.

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